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WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers



WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers Installation Instructions

Model WG10               Model WG15         Model WG20        Model WGT24

10 inch spacing               15 inch spacing         20 inch spacing         24 inch spacing

1,2, & 3 gallon containers                3 to 10 gallon containers            Up to 15 gallon


Plants up to 48" in height                Plants up to 48" in height            Smaller trees

                                                                                                                       8' to 10 '

Choose the proper stabilizer based upon the spacing desired between containers

Getting Started

     Choose a convenient area.

     If containers are to be located on the ground, we

     recommend a ground cover fabric be installed to prevent 

     weeds from growing between containers.

Install each WindGuard™ unit by inserting the formed wire between

the inside container wall and the root ball.

WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers may be installed in a variety of

configurations. Two popular methods are shown below ...