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WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers



 If you are a nursery grower...a garden center retailer...or a home gardener..., you know container palnts are easily blown over by wind...or knocked over. by some other event. In short, the better the plant or tree..the more likely damage will occur. We believe you will find our WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers are a solution to this problem.

Tested in our nursery over a number of years this design has proven to greatly reduce, and in most instances, eliminate "tipovers". The result for you will be higher quality plants, produced and/or maintained with less damage, less labor ... higher profit!

Product Information

WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers

WG10   10 inch spacing (1,2,3 Gallon Standard Containers)

WG15   15 inch spacing (3 to 10 Gallon Standard Containers - plants up to 48 inches in height)

WG20  20 inch spacing (3 to 10 Gallon Standard Containers - plants up to 48 inches in height)

WGT24   24 inch spacing ( Up to 15 Gallon Standard Containers - smaller trees up to 10 feet in height)

Designed and Made in the U.S.A. under U.S. Patent D682,151  

     Patent is held by Northfield Nursery LLC

Positive control of plants and smaller trees under windy conditions

     Reduces damage, loss of nutrients, weed control & container medium

Uniform container spacing for proper growth

    Plants have space to develop and flush out properly

    Larger plants & smaller trees may be displayed more effectively

Reduction in labor cost per container

     Less damage, reduction or elimination of "blow overs"

     ... increased profit ... higher quality

Designed for years of trouble free use 

     Container spacers are made of Schedule 40, Sun Resistant PVC ... will not rust

     Container wire holders locked into each spacer 

     Heavy gauge, formed, galvanized steel wire containers..

          for long life & resistance to rust..  12 Gauge Wire used on WG10

          9 Gauge Wire used on WG15, WG20 & WGT24

     Aluminum alloy 1/4" rivets secure container holders on WG10, WG15 & WG20

          Plated capscrews used on WGT24

     Plated washers used on all models to further secure

           wire holders to PVC spacers

     Drain holes are provided in each WindGuard™ unit to prevent water build up

Convenient / Easy to Use    

     Easily removed from containers

     No need to drive stakes into ground

     Plants & small trees may be relocated to any flat surface easily

     Adapts to various standard container sizes and styles

     Formed galvanized container holders provide relief for most container lips

Easy to store when not in use (see pictures below)

    After the season is over, WindGuard Container Stabilizers of the same size

          can "nest" together 


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